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”While others are putting paper on wall, we are putting a wall on paper”


We are delighted to offer a new artistic dimension into the world of wallpapers.

We see our work as metaphoric expressions of the human existential encounter with the world. Provocatively yet timelessly approaching the naturality of textures, shapes, and colors. Therefore, merging this encounter through a contemporary understanding of surface design, where wallpaper tells a story and meaning behind every single brushstroke.

Our innovative, creative and technically advanced vision has come as result of 25 years of experimentation and research. It is key to our craftsmanship to find and use unseen techniques and methods combined with traditional skills of craftsmen.

It is core to our work to create a symphony between materials, aesthetic, texture, composition, and depth, to bring a personality to any given space yet paying tribute to the heritage of artistic techniques used for centuries.

All this, individually created for you. On paper. Delivered. Rolled out. Experienced.

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wall on papers logo white-02.png
wall on papers logo white-02.png




We offer custom and handmade wallpapers tailored to our clients' needs.

Create decorative art paintings.


25 years of experience working with international clients. We have collaborated from individual homeowners to restaurants, art galleries, and other business industries.

In the beginning, it all started with wall finishing. We used flat finishes, eggshell finishes, satin finishes, and other types to create the best possible outcome for our clients.